Cover Won't Move

Stuck automatic pool cover.

An immobile cover is a sure way to put a damper on what should have been a relaxing pool day. Read on to learn why your automatic pool cover might not be opening or closing.  

The cover won't open when I use the key. 

Possible Cause: Disconnected power source 

Tip: First, look to the keyswitch indicator light. If the light is not green, the system is likely disconnected from its power source. Check the electrical system.

Possible Cause: Mechanical issue

If your pool cover motor is turning but nothing is happening, or the motor is humming and not turning, the issue is mechanical. Please call for maintenance. 

My cover will not open or close completely - it stops half way.

Possible Cause: Blocked tracks

Tip: If your pool cover is opening or closing half way, the tracks might be blocked by debris. Use a hose to clean the tracks out. 

Possible Cause: Tangled ropes

Tip: Lift the lid to check the rope reels – carefully untagle the ropes from the reel if necessary, or call for service. 

Possible Cause: Too much water on the cover

Tip: Be sure to pump off as much water as possible using a cover pump. A cover pump should remain on the pool cover when it is closed – especially after significant rainfall. 

My cover will not close – it's completely open. 

Possible Cause: Cover is off track

Tip: First, check the green light indicator or power source to assure the system is connected.  If it is, the cover might have been opened too far, and come out of its track. Call for service.

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