Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cover Care service my area?

We currently service greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Detroit, Columbus OH, South Bend IN, Louisville, Albuquerque, Wichita KS, Denver, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Long Island NY. Visit our Contact page for the most current list of service areas.

What makes Cover Care different from other cover services?

We aim to be the first to respond to your pool cover needs, and the quickest to find the right solution. To us, it’s all about creating the safest swimming environment possible.

What kind of covers does Cover Care service?

Cover Care services all brands and manufacturers of automatic pool covers, including but not limited to: Pool Cover Specialists, Automatic Pool Covers, Inc., Aquamatic, Cover Star, and Cantar.

Is it okay to walk on an automatic pool cover?

Cover Care's selection of vinyl pool covers are made of industrial grade components, but we only recommend walking on the pool cover in case of an emergency. 

Do I really need a cover pump?

We strongly recommend that automatic pool cover owners keep at least two cover pumps. One should run whenever the pool cover is closed (except during freezing conditions), and another should be kept as a backup. 

Should I empty my pool of water during the offseason?

We strongly advise pool owners to maintain a water level that reaches the bottom of the skimmer, at minimum. Automatic pool cover fabric is supported by pool water.

Contact Cover Care

Please submit this form to schedule pool cover service. Upload a photo of the problem too, if you have one! In case of emergency, call us directly.