Maintenance Tips

Keep your pool cover clean!

At Cover Care, we're committed to safety in the swimming pool environment. Pool safety isn't something to think about during the summer months, but instead should be a focus for all pool owners year-round. Follow our advice to help maintain your automatic pool cover – and your sense of security.

Keeping Your Pool Cover Clean

A cover pump will play an integral role in keeping your pool cover clean and in maintaining safety. Some things to remember are:

  • Place the pump on the cover area where water tends to pool.
  • Direct the pump's hose to an area that drains away from the pool and cover housing. 
  • Remove the pump from the cover during freezing temperatures and severe snowfall.

To help increase the lifespan of your vinyl pool cover, try to perform these small maintenance tasks:

  • Open your pool cover at least once a week (when appropriate) to help prevent chemical gas buildup and premature fabric wear.
  • Clean out automatic pool cover tracks at least twice a year to remove debris and prevent buildup. 
  • Check the pool cover housing for leaves and other debris – otherwise, it could end up in your pool!
  • Leave the cover open for at least two hours after adding pool chemicals. 

Opening and Closing the Cover

Before opening and closing your automatic pool cover be sure to check for:

  • Water and debris – remove these with a cover pump or pool brush before opening. Not doing so could result in build up when the cover is fully opened.
  • Any obstructions – towels, sports equipment, pool furniture, ladders, etc.
  • Swimmers! Ensure that no one is in the pool when the cover is opening or closing.

Professional Pool Cover Maintenance

Cover Care recommends that a trained service technician perform a general maintenance sweep of automatic pool covers annually or bi-annually.  

Also, when pool cover fabric begins to show significant wear caused by chemicals, age, and heat and sun exposure, it should be replaced. These conditions will turn the pool cover brittle, compromising overall safety. 

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