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If you’re looking to do a little research on a pool cover problem, or if you’re unsure about whether you need to schedule service, you’ve come to the right place! The Cover Care resource center will walk you through some common mishaps, and maintenance tips.

Common Cover Problems

Do any of the pool cover problems below look familiar? Click to learn more about the problem and to find possible solutions and prevention tips.

Cover Won't Move

Automatic pool cover is stuck.An immobile pool cover could be one that will not move at all, or will only open and close part of the way.

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Crooked Pool Cover

My pool cover is crooked.Debris and unkept pool tracks are often the culprits of a cover that is opening or closing crookedly. 

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Hole or Tear

My pool cover is ripped.Water on top of your pool cover with no rain in sight? There's probably a hole or rip in the cover. 

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Cover Maintenance Tips

Our cover maintenance tips will help with pool cover upkeep, and provide other tricks to help keep your cover in prime condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cover Care service my area?
We currently service the cities and surround areas of Albuquerque (NM), Austin (TX), Boise (ID), Cincinnati (OH), Columbus (OH), Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Detroit (MI), Indianapolis (IN), Long Island (NY), Los Angeles (CA), Louisville (KY), Lubbock (TX), Milwaukee (WI), Riverside/Orange County (CA), Salt Lake City (UT), San Diego (CA), San Francisco (CA), South Bend (IN), Wichita (KS). Please refer to our Contact page for the most current list of service areas.

What makes Cover Care different from other cover services?
We aim to be the first to respond to your pool cover needs, and the quickest to find the right solution. To us, it’s all about creating the safest swimming environment possible.

What kind of covers does Cover Care service?
Cover Care services all brands and manufacturers of automatic pool covers, including but not limited to: Pool Cover Specialists, Automatic Pool Covers, Inc., Aquamatic, Cover Star, and Cantar.

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Contact Cover Care

Please submit this form to schedule pool cover service. Upload a photo of the problem too, if you have one! In case of emergency, call us directly.