Hole in the Cover

Ripped pool cover.

We know your automatic pool cover is an important investment and we want it to last.  Unfortunately, life happens— tree branches fall and toys tumble.  During the life of your cover, you may experience a small hole or rip in your cover that may hinder the performance of your pool or, worse, the safety that your cover provides. 

The moment there is standing water on a pool cover there is a risk of danger. Luckily, this common cover problem is a quick fix.

There's water on the cover - and it's not rain!

Possible Cause: Fallen debris, inclement weather

Tip: Chances are if you've been running your cover pump and there is standing water, there's a hole or rip on the pool cover. Automatic pool cover holes and rips can typically be fixed by the owner with a simple patch kit. We can provide patch material that best matches your current cover color and industry-tested vinyl cement that, when properly applied, will restore your cover’s performance and integrity.

However, If the tear is longer than 3 inches or if the hole is larger than 2 inches in diameter, it's best to call for service.

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