Cover Care's selection includes the very best in vinyl automatic pool covers and accessories. 


Replacement Pool Covers

It might simply be time to upgrade to the safest, strongest pool cover for your family, or maybe the backyard just needs a makeover. Whatever the reason, Cover Care’s selection of vinyl pool covers are built to last, are cut precisely to your pool specifications, and come in an array of eight colors.

Patch Kits

Cover Care manufactuers its own pool cover patch kits. We recommend these to owners who have a minor hole or rip in their pool covers – smaller than 2 inches in diameter, or less than 3 inches long, respectively. Our patches come in an array of eight colors to best match your pool cover, and includes industry grade vinyl cement adhesive. 

Automatic Pool Cover Systems & Installation

Cover Care’s catalog includes automatic pool cover systems for in-ground pools that can be installed in a variety of configurations. Featured systems include an entire kit – tracks, pool cover, and all industrial grade components. Whether your pool requires a deck mounted, recessed, or under track systems – Cover Care has you covered!

Contact Cover Care

Please submit this form to schedule pool cover service. Upload a photo of the problem too, if you have one! In case of emergency, call us directly.

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